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Obama Cross-Stitch Portrait

OBAMA cross-stitch portrait by MonaxMonax.

We love this detailed cross-stitch portrait of Senator Obama that flickr user MonaxMonax uploaded to the Obama Craft Project flickr pool. She’s looking for advice on how to frame this one, so leave her your thoughts over on this photo’s flickr page.

Yes We Can!

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1 Cross Stitch For Free { 11.13.08 at 3:40 pm }

Now that’s so simple yet amazing! It’s not small enough to fit into a keychain, though, is it? By the way, Obama’s slogan reminds me so much of Bob The Builder :)

2 Roman { 04.03.09 at 4:10 pm }

Lovely one! And a good site! It inspired me to create a chart of Michelle Obama’s portrait. Going to stitch it this weekend.