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Handmade Sign Roundup

This morning, we thought we’d highlight some of the fantastic signs that folks all over the country have made to promote Barack Obama…

Register to Vote

Lisa, from Madison, Wisconsin, spotted these very informative signs in her hometown. There are more images in this photoset on flickr.

Hope Not Fear

Charm City resident marstokyo made this “Hope not Fear” banner and hung it from her carport.

DIY Obama

Lyndsay, from San Francisco, California, uploaded this photo of a huge DIY Obama banner into the OCP flickr pool.


Richard Rodriguez photographed these signs being made at the Shaw Art Fair in St. Louis.

Homemade Obama Sign

Flickr user greeniebone of Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, ended up not being able to volunteer at an Obama appearance as she had planned, so she spent the day making Obama-inspired crafts instead–including this window sign.

Project Complete

Another San Francisco resident, Eric M., made these giant letters letters spelling “Obama” and hung them from his apartment balcony.


This mural is painted on a wall in the alley behind Old Soul Co. near 18th & L St in Sacramento. Thanks to ptelford for taking this picture.

Flickr user ivy_windchaser had the family’s Obama sign stolen–as did the rest of the Obama supporters in their Water Valley, Mississippi neighborhood. They’re fighting back with a sign they made for the thieves.

And another message to Obama sign thieves—this one from David in Savannah, Georgia who says,

Go Ahead… Steal all the signs you want. But you cannot steal our hope, our spirit, or our standards for those in power.

Flicka97236 photographed this Obama sign in Port Orford, Oregon.

Jill from St. Louis snapped both these pictures around St. Louis–where she says that there’s a 2:1 sign ratio in favor of Obama.

MN: St. Paul Obama supporter flaunts own lawn sign by aflcio2008.

Laura Markwardt found this stunning yard sign made by an Obama supporter in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Obama sign in VA by maalivahti.

According to flickr user maavihlit, the letters spelling “Obama” in the Virginia countryside are about 15 feet tall!

We love this homemade Obama banner in dimmerswitch‘s Madison, Wisconsin neighborhood.

Obama sign by Asian Americans for Obama.

This sign was found in the Asian Americans for Obama photostream.

This sign is in Panama City, Florida; flickr user yankeepez drew upon the styling of Pepsi for this sign.

Semper Fidelis by FotoEdge.

There’s no doubt about where this U.S. Marine from Liberty, Missouri stands in this election. Thanks to FotoEdge for this awesome picture!

IMG_0238 by richardrodriguez1977.

We’ll end with this one–one of the most stunning we’ve seen, another one photographed by Richard Rodriguez.

While you’re at it, check out this great article from (one of my very favorite sites ever) FiveThirtyEight about why the campaign doesn’t, and shouldn’t, focus on sign distribution.

Yes We Can!


1 Jess { 10.30.08 at 8:05 pm }

Some of these signs are just amazing. It seems like so much hope is riding on this election.
Some artists from the country where I live, St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles, have made a video in support of Obama – here is the YouTube link:

2 vespabelle { 10.30.08 at 8:13 pm }

hey, you made it to metafilter: http://www.metafilter.com/76106/Roadside-vernacular (if you were wondering about an uptick in traffic!)

3 michelle { 10.30.08 at 9:19 pm }
4 Leslie Joyce Silberman { 10.30.08 at 11:19 pm }

Obama has inspired a new people’s art that shows a long lost pride in our country.

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6 redneck { 10.31.08 at 12:07 am }
7 John McKain { 10.31.08 at 7:10 am }

fantastic signs! umm.. er ..oh wait! I mean, no I don’t like them very much.

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